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VICE  SnapBack Expandable Wallets

Designed by aerospace engineer Cory Duncan, who was tired of the traditional folding leather wallet that is too bulky and reminiscent of the billfolds and wallets from his grandfather's generation.

Using space age materials like titanium and design concepts found on fighter jets and formula one race cars, Cory created a line of mechanical wallets that are sleek, streamlined, efficient, modular  and incredibly impressive.

What makes a Vice Wallet especially unique are the two independent “SnapBack” panels that are connected with four pivoting arms and a one-piece elastic "UniCord" that allow for the wallet to cleverly hinge open and shut to securely hold your credit and other cards.

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What makes a VICE Wallet especially fun to own is the fact that the QuickSwitch panels are easily changed out allowing you to change designs as you see fit and that everyone will ask you about your cool wallet!


So, ditch your old school leather billfold or wallet that is too thick and probably hurting your back and get a VICE Wallet. It's as thick or thin as what you put in!

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