Looking for a rad wallet thats sure to stand out from the rest? Then we have you covered, our patent pending designs are like nothing else out there. Made from the best materials, and built to last!!


Product specs.

  • Grade 5 titanium and top grain leather.
  • Laser engraved details.
  • Holds up to 16 credit cards and large amount of cash.
  • Includes a vice hardware card to hide cc's for pictures.
  • Made in north carolina.


(Allow up to a week to shipped due to demand)


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  • Please allow up to a week for wallets to ship due to demand. Ships USPS 3-5 days please let us know if you need another carrier.



F-22 Raptor

I have had so many different wallets over the years from all kinds of different brands this wallet is without a doubt my favorite. I got real tired of my bank card breaking at the mag strip, this wallet makes sure that no longer happens. I only wish I would of found this wallet sooner. It’s definitely worth the money and I plan on buying several more.




I ordered it from Korea on March 31st and received it on April 12th.
It was less than two weeks and received earlier than expected.
It was so hard to hide my expectations and excitement, but it was perfect.
I bought and used wallets from many other brands, but this is the first time I received a bolt made of titanium.
I prefer leather products, but I fell in love at first sight when I saw the picture posted on Instagram.
It is also a product with high satisfaction as expected.
The details are so wonderful.
Titanium's unique color is good, but what's better is the combative feeling.
I carry six cards and carry bills in a wallet made separately.
It's just the right thickness, so it doesn't ruin its unique sleek shape.

There is one problem.
It scratches the card when you pick the front card. So I had to move the unused card to the front. If you continue to use it, the rough parts will disappear, but you should pay attention to this.
Especially, if you use a metal card, the glitter of the metal card may be damaged.
It may be difficult to improve this part, but I bought it considering that, so I think I will only carry this around for a while.

I haven't received the additional products I ordered yet, but I want to receive them soon and enjoy them.

Overall review: It is enough to be a must-have product for those who seek completeness, stylishness and ease of use.
The pictures are EDCs that I really like.



F22 Urban

Amazing wallet, this is my third wallet, 2 titanium and 1 alloy. Just the best quality made in the USA. I so like it the i had to have multiple one. If you feel like minimise your wallet, this is it. Get yourself one or 2 as I did.